"Place of Glory": This is where Johann Sebastian Bach composed

This is where Bach lived “with his beloved and her sister” from 1708 – 1717. All of Bach’s Weimar children were born here, including the two most famous Bach sons: Wilhelm Friedemann (1710) and Carl Philipp Emanuel (1714). This is where he “composed most of his organ works” (as it appeared in his obituary), this is also where over 30 cantatas, numerous works for harpsichord solo, early versions of the “Brandenburg Concertos”, solo partitas for violin and more were written.
This photograph (Joachim Siegert) of the original Renaissance cellar was taken shortly before its demolition in the winter of 1988/89. The so-called “Fürstenkeller” (Princely Cellars) shown here belonged to the adjacent house but are identical to those un
This is where the world’s last existing remains of a Bach residence can be found: the Renaissance vaulted cellar of his home, Bach’s “Wine and Beer Cellar”, which have been preserved underground. This is also the only place still known today where the world genius composed (the Leipzig Thomasschule was demolished in 1902 and another building was built in its place); none of Bach’s other residences in Eisenach, Arnstadt, Mühlhausen, Köthen, etc. can be dependably proven to be authentic – except the one in Weimar.