"Bach Room"

In 1939, during the era of the hotel director Carl Vetter, the so-called “Bach Room” was commemorated, only one year after the new building of the Hotel “Elephant” was opened. The “Bach Room” was furnished as a wine restaurant – in the style of the time – in “Homeland Style” on the ground floor of the “Erbprinzen”. It was located exactly above Bach’s wine cellars. Portraits of Johann Sebastian Bach and his two famous Weimar-born sons, Wilhelm Friedemann and Carl Philipp Emanuel, decorated the walls. With that, it became the first Weimar Bach memorial. It is possible that the creation of the “Bach Room” was inspired by the “Bach House” opened in Eisenach in 1907. During World War II, the Hotel “Erbprinz” was severely damaged by bombing attacks, however the “Bach Room” was soon restored, because it was needed to serve as a large dining room for the officers of the Russian Army, who were stationed in Weimar.