20 years after the German reunification – also a reunification with Bach?

The historical site has been used as a car park since 1989: During the GDR period, perhaps a common practice, however, 20 years after the reunification it is a situation that demands change. The property of the former Bach house comprises only ca. 15% of the entire large car park area: this is an attractive opportunity for the City of Culture to create an international, extraordinary venue to identify with Bach for the world-wide “Bach Fans”. The Thuringian State Office of Heritage Protection and Archaeology has confirmed the existence of the Bach cellars and wrote on 21 April 2008: “The current car park surface of the “Elephant” has already been examined.(...) The underground cellars facing the market square are preserved, but have been filled with debris.” Thus, the Renaissance vaulted cellars and foundations are still existent. That means that there is a unique opportunity to build a Weimar Bach memorial venue above the original cellars.