Subject: Bach House
Date: Monday, 30 August 2010
From ****@mail.rockefeller.*******
To: Myriam Eichberger

Dear Professor Eichberger,

With this Email, I would like to renew my offer that the Friends of Dresden, Inc. are willing to purchase the site of the former Bach House.

Furthermore, we would be willing to purchase the triangular site located to the left of the Bach House.

As Johann Sebastian Bach possesses even more international renown than the Weimar Classics, the project of historically reconstructing the Bach House in Weimar could reckon with major international attention and considerable financial support.

I believe that I have enough contacts to enable even part of the empty parking lot to be purchased by sponsors. This additional purchase could perhaps be used to install a garden behind the Bach House.

In addition, I could imagine purchasing the entire property, so that the house between the Bach House and the Hotel Elephant could be historically reconstructed, also with a garden behind it.

A parking garage beneath a large part of the property could supply parking space for hotel guests.

Let us hope that it will be possible to realise at least part of this total concept, namely the reconstruction of the Bach House.

With warm regards,

Günter Blobel
Rockefeller University